Same, Same But Different

Hi there!

How are you all doing? I'm doing great. Me and another Dutch (Lotte) and Canadian (Monica) met in the bus from Dalat to Nha Trang and kind of hung out together since. They are the first om my trip who are doing trip in 'reverse' order like I'm doing so we decided to do Vietnam together. Has been a blast since then. We are totally on the same wave length which is so very nice when your travelling. Hardly ever disagreeing on something; we're trying very hard but somehow we always end up agreeing. Almost scary!


Pics can't be uploaded on this computer so have to do that another time. Meanwhile I'm still in Vietnam (Hanoi) and going to Ha Long Bay tomorrow and, after that, to Sapa and surrounding area. But that update will come very soon.

I thought it would be good to share some general experience altough the ones mentioned may be less positive, such as horror stories (trust me, even my travel buddies are amazed how much one person can experience in such a short time). Well, you can kind of guess how my border crossing went from Thailand to Cambodia. We survived but it really toughens you and I need that for sure here! Okay, so in chronical order:

Being ripped off: There is no such thing as a TAT agency in which you can book tours. I asked around with other travelers and were told that its safe to book a tour at an agency that says TAT. Well, its not. Shopping around is really the best thing to do. We prob could have saved a 40 euro(!!!) if we had known that. Talking about being ripped off, always second check the good intentions of a tuktuk driver. All we wanted is to see that stupid temple Wat Pho and eventually we had to pay for the tuktuk ride and didn't see Wat Pho!

Where's me backpack?: Yes, always mind your backpack when you are about to get in a bus. I thought I did. A friendly Cambodian guy from the bus company offered to carry my bag for me. It was 7AM, I was tired and annoyed by the busy crowd around me so I agreed. But then I kept on loosing him out of my sight. Eventually I found him and witnessed him bringing my bag to the bus. So I got in only to find out in Battambang that I didn't have my backpack anymore. Imagine being here for only a week with 5 more months to go and loosing all of your belongings! I freaked out but thank god my backpack was put in the wrong bus. It arrived later in Phnom Penh. BTW: this was my first experience of order in the chaos you witnessed here as my bag was found and kept exactly at the spot where they told me to collect it. There's truly a system in place, its just that we Westerners are too organised to recognize it. I also experienced respect for the first time. Up until now you only have the feeling that they are after your money (In thailand they won't even give you directions if you don't buy anything) but now all moto, etc. were leaving us alone and the bus company was doing its upmost best to find my bag and to help me out.

Bus troubles: Expect at least one time to experience technical problems. On the way to Phnom Penh around noon-ish our bus got into troubles and we had to wait for 3 hours as the guys were probably feeling too proud to admit that they didn't have a clue what was wrong. It was about 40 degrees with 100% huminity!

In the middle of nowhere: No one was able to explain how to get to Chi Phat (jungle). So me and my sister try to do it on our own. First no one told us you can get off the bus half way so we passed our stop and ended in a stupid border town called Krong Koh Kong. From their we had to head back but we were told that this was not possible anymore that day. So for the next day we arranged a shared taxi, but we needed to get out cash (it was very dark that night before around that only ATM in town). Our taxi driver didn't want to stop at an ATM so two hours later we're at Aduong Tuk with only 10USD. How to get to Chi Phat with no freaking money in a town where only one person speaks a few words of English? Luckily, a moto was happy to bring my sis to the nearest ATM (60km) but the machine only accepted Cambodian bank passes. So it's, 1PM and were stuck in a town with not enough money to spend the night. Eventually we decided to hitch and we ended up in Kampot, and discovering a new service: pick up taxi service: People who drive from A to B and everyone who wants to join the ride should just raise their hand (and pay).

Sea food attack: I bet most of you must have had that thought crossing their mind... What if I eat a squid and my mouth is full of ink. Well, let me tell you... it's ugly!!! Our hotel owner at Phu Quoc Island offered us a squid from her dinner. Suddenly this liquid came into my mouth and I initially thought it was part of the snack, but for some reason I couldn't get it down my throat and while spitting it out I noticed that everything was black including my tung and teeth! Ieuwwww!!!!! I almost vomitted and was gagging for the next hour. I haven't been able to eat (let alone smell) sea food untill a few days ago.

Hit and run experience: Thank goodness I wasn't hit, just ALMOST. It was my day of snorkling in Nha Trang and as I was laying in the water with my fellow tourist buddies, observing the coral and the many beautiful fish I suddenly saw a propellor. It took me a few seconds to realize where that propellor was belonging to and there it was coming MY way!! Lifing up my head above water I saw only 5 meters away this guy standing on the front side of the boat making this gesture that I, moi, had to leave OUR snorkling area so that that stupid retarded f*ck of a driver could get his boat to the island. Gosh, that really scared the hell out of me!

Easy riders: In Hoi An, after all that shopping

, we decided it was time for some cultural stuff. So we asked an easy rider to arrange an additional 2 motorbikes for me and Lotte and to lead us to Marble Mountain and China Beach. Upon return he suddenly demanded 60.000 dong more which was already spend on gasoline so we didn't want to pay that. After a huge argument they were threatening to call the police and to prevend us from going to Hue. First, we ignored it but when we were walking back in town they used physical force to stop us on the street demanding the money. That really scared me off so from that point onwards we took a sneak tour to our hotel. Luckily, we didn't bump into them again and we continued our journey to Hue.

So that's about all the horrors. I hope I will not have to add anything in the near future although the Laos border is something else. One more less positive aspect coz trust me, all the good experience are more than compensating all the bad, and I'll stop talking about the bad. Walking around in Asia feels like being a Hollywood star: the only save spot to hang out is your own hotel room. As soon as you set foot outside your hotel door there's: hotel personnel trying to sell you tours (saying no and cam on won't help you), moto's offering their serivices, restaurant employees trying to get your attention, people waving at you, saying 'Hello' and trying to speak English in the little words they know, street sellers selling you anything from pineapple to sunglasses and bracelets, etc. I know they are only doing their job and its their chance to make a little more money on top of the small salary check they get every month. Most of the time I'm making a joke and find ways to appreciate their efforts. But when you are tired from a busride and want to get off the bus and collect your backpack only to find 20 moto drivers blocking your way as they are trying to offer you their service for 900% premium price its really hard not to lose your temper. Even walking away won't help coz they will follow you untill you give in and you just can't lose your temper because of the ' loosing face'  principle. Its also my holiday and just want to enjoy the moment without anyone shouting on a 20meter distance 'LADYYYYY..... PINEAPPLEEEEEEEEEE????' (happened all the time in Angkor Wat). But like I said, there are so many things to compensate these negative thoughts and I'm focusing on those as much as I can. I'm just overwhelmed by the extent they are bothering you. You can't look around and enjoy the view without having people to offer you services; I'm still trying to find a good balance in bouncing people off and accepting their services. Now I'm just bouncing off most of them.

So that's it for now. Next blog will be about Vietnam filled with positive experiences!


Hugs & Kisses!





Heey lieverd,

klinkt als een ervaring!! Heel veel plezier! kus


lieve lieve suus, hoe herkenbaar allemaal..!! Zo waren mijn volle 2 maanden Indonesia ;) Heerlijk die anonimiteit toen ik terug in NL was. Tip om het vol te houden, zodra je met die andere meiden bent, is om de beurt iemand anders aan de beurt om ze af te wimpelen. Zo hoef je je niet élke keer je druk te maken over hun. Voor de rest ben ik echt benieuwd naar je foto's!! Nog 2 weekjes Italie/Nederland and then off we go :)) Kus


Suuusssje!!! :)

Jeetje wat een verhalen allemaal zeg. En inderdaad wat een horror! Ben nu alweer benieuwd naar je nieuwe verhaal, klinkt allemaal als een soap. Op naar aflevering 4 :)

Aussi was ook super! Mooi land zeg. Geweldige natuur, maar wel erg ver-Amerikaanst!!

Anyway, hoop dat je het inderdaad naar je zin hebt ondanks alle vervelende dingen die je gebeuren. Tip: koop een goede zonnebril waar ze je ogen niet kunnen zien, zodat ze niet zien waar je heen kijkt en kijk chaggie. Beetje flauw, maar misschien helpt t iets!

Nou veel plezier nog en tot je volgende verhaal!



Ps: mis je wel heeeeel erg in Masi :'(


Hey darling sistoooooor!!!!

Fijn om te horen dat het goed met je gaat! Zeker al het nodige meegemaakt. tip ( waar je inmiddels ook al achter bent) Zorg altijd ZELF voor je bagage want het buitenland doet dat niet voor je. Eigen ervaring van Bulgarije :-) PAs er goed op leave!
Ben idd ook benieuwd naar je foto's maar dat komt vanzelf wel weer. trots op jou lieverd en pas goed op jezelf nog even een vraag weet niet of je het eerder hebt gehoord, maar ik wordt duizelig van dat wit op zwart... hahahaha sorry ik kan je verhaal vaak niet in een keer lezen ;)
Heeeeeeel veeeeeeel plezier dapper suske! en ik zie jou einde zomer weer! Dat is alweer zeer snel!!!

Dikke dikke dikke dikke dikke dikke dikke knuffel en kus from Groningen!!

tante Marian

ha die Suus

Wat een mega verhaal , nichtje !!
Nou is mijn Engels niet meer wat het geweest is ( haha)maar wat ik van je reisverslag begrijp is dat je het wel geweldig naar je zin hebt .
En reizen die andere meiden nog steeds met je mee ?
Ik ben reuze benieuwd naar de foto's. Lieve Suus, heel veel plezier, geniet ervan maar pas alsjeblieft goed op jezelf.Wat een ervaring, ik ben trots op mijn nichtje. Doei doei meis

Dikke knuffel tante Marian

Ton oncle

Dat je 't er zo lang volhoudt. Mede in die hitte. Kranig hoor!
IK had allang een bus of een tuktuk gekaapt en was daar mee naar Nederland gereden!


Hé Suuzie!!

Deze achtergrond leest veel beter!!!
Ben erg benieuwd wat je nu allemaal aan het doen bent! Wat een verhalen allemaal weer, ik zie het al ik ga met een ervaren reiziger op pad ;-)

Veel plezier nog en tot snel!

Veel liefs Roos

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